IK Particles link v1

Hi all,
I am happy to announce you the v1 release of my IKPL add-on.

What is IK-Particles Link ?
IK-Particles Link is a tool for artists allowing you to create awesome particles effects. This add-on makes it easy to connect a bunch of particles. IKPL can also be used as a curve generator and particles tracer.

New features:
-allows 3 powerfuls graphe modes as network or multiple lines connection
-Live connecting particles
-Multiple particles system Animation
and more

IKPL v1 is now available on the Blender Market.







IKPL v1 is now available on the Blender Market

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Comments (5)

  1. Claudio
    2 February 2018

    Hello, I have just found your IK-Particles Link and I am interested to buy it but before I have some questions. Please, is this is only for animation effects, or you can make 3D models with the plexus effects and have all the connected links and particles in a 3D object to be exported to another 3D software? I mean if Could export the result of one still frame from IK-Particles Link to another 3D software. NOT the animation

    I have to say that I have never used Blender before, well just started 15 minutes ago, so I wonder if this comes with some documentation on how to be be able to use it and how to get those awesome and amazing images artworks shown on the video
    Thanks very much for your help
    Best wishes

    1. Issanou
      20 July 2019

      I’m sorry to answer you so late. I hope you have learned Blender. Yes the addon come with a great doc and I will post a free tutorial tomorrow.

  2. Oli Gerber
    31 August 2019

    Please fix the bugs. It’s not working at all in blender 2.8 with non standard meshes. I have a brain that emmits particles and i cannot activate the linking. I use the same particle system for a standard sphere and then it’s working. Error Message:

    File ParticleLink.py line 118, in execute:
    num = len(group)+max([int((re.split(‘_’,o))>1 else 0) for o in group])
    Same File, line 118, in :
    num = len(group)+max([int((re.split(‘_’,o))>1 else 0) for o in group])
    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘Part’

    what’s the plan?

    1. Issanou
      1 September 2019

      can you send me your scene at kissanou @ gmail com ?
      I will be able to fix that don’t worry

  3. Oli Gerber
    8 September 2019

    Finally: Great plugin works as expected! I had some problems with an objects name, after fixing this “bug” in the plugin it works now perfectly! Great Job 🙂 Thanks a lot for helping out that fast!


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