BSnow add-on

What is BSnow ?

BSnow is a sophisticated tool that can be used by artists to add realistic snow to their existing models, whether that be rocks, statues or even foliage. This add-on gives granular control and as a result makes creating winter scenes easy. You will not find a better snow simulation addon than this!

What features does BSnow include ?

BSnow provides all the features needed to get great results, from initial setup of the snow domain all the way to temperature control and physics/wind settings.

BSnow can provide great results out of the box but it also has export features built in giving artists freedom to experiment as they please. You can both save the cached simulation to file and export the particles for further experimentation, you can get some really nice results when used with Metaballs for example.

Domain Creation –¬† BSnow includes a tool to automatically generate a domain for the selected object. As well as this, you can Batch multiple Domain objects for your snow simulation to run in.

Domain Editing – Change resolution of the domain and set upsampling resolution using linear or cubic interpolation.

Collision Mesh – Generates a mesh for testing particle collision before running the snow simulation. This helps show where bad geometry or non manifold edges may be occurring.

Below is an example of Collision Mesh results before and after. Bad geometry on the left and a cleaned up mesh with good geometry on the right.

Particle & Physics Settings – Granular control over the size and amount of particles per frame. As well as this, particles can even be exported for other methods of mesh generation.

Lower ‘Scope’ values are faster to process, higher values produce a less truncated particle shape.
Lower ‘Temperature’ values produce more compact snow and less extensive.
Higher viscosity values increase the liquid flow resistance.
Smoothness values determine how smooth the curve of snow build up will be. You can see in the below examples the significant difference with the higher peaks at 0.00 compared to when the value is set to 1.00.

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