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Optimuscan Forest




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Models topologies are close to full quad, that give you many advantages as:

  • Smooth the model with the subdivision modifier

  • Play with DisplaceĀ modifier

  • Rig / deforming / animate

Forest pack contain:

  • 17 mushrooms

  • 27 Woods

  • 21 Scatters (random elements: seeds, plants, leaves, rocksā€¦)

What you get:

  • 65 (.obj) models (30k quads per model on average)

  • For each model, 8k textures (Albedo, Normal, Height, AO) ~ 2k roughness texture

  • Blender Addon for easy importing model / auto material setup

  • Octane 4 script for easy importing model / auto material setup


Sharing is caring!


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