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Blue Emerald

Hello there, I’m still experimenting with Octane shaders in blender. Throughout my experience, I’ve learnt some tips, which I am giving you right now on how to achieve high res render (4K) in Blender using the octane plugin. I’ll also tell you what tricks were used to achieve my “Blue Emerald” look. Rendering on Blende with…



Last night I explored the octane shaders in blender, here a render. Above my blender scene: The water drops was sculpted using distorted noise texture.


Tiny Drop

Hi all, Lately I've upgraded my graphic card for two new nvidia gtx 1080. How fast it is now ? I did a short break for making a quick render: I can tell that I'm pretty happy about it. Now I can enjoy 4K in 10 minutes of rendering. Even in complex scene like this one. Above, respectively…